Multi-purpose CD cake box / CD labeler Retail pack (just for reference)


SHINLY multi-purpose CD cake box / CD labeler
Model Specification Features Color Details about the carton
1680 - multi-purpose CD cake box / CD labeler

(1) Dimensions of model 1680::

L310 x W140 x D16.7mm (open)

L157x W140 x D16.7mm (closed)

(1) high translucid   200pcs / Carton

(2)Dimensions of its retail pack :

L140x W140 x D18.5mm

(2) Recycle   L57.5cm x W30.3 x H36.7cm =2.26 cubic feet
(3)Internal capacity:1~12CD (ultimate: 14CD) (3) Light (0.47mm/22g)   N.W: 4.4 KGS
(4)Labeler for ( 8cm/12cm)CD (4) Model 1680 can combine with other attractive desigings. Good in marketing promotion.   G.W: 5.4 KGS


Comparison with traditional CD cake box

Traditional (10)CD cake box


Difference Traditional (10)CD cake box SHINLY multi-purpose CD cake box / CD labeler
Carton measurement

100pcs/carton=1.91 cubic feet

200pcs=3.82 cubic feet

200pcs/carton=2.26 cubic feet
Freight High Low
Material PP PP, PET, PS, PVC...
Unit price No comments Low
Internal capacity Ultimate: 10CD Ultimate: 14CD
Features No comments Multi-purpose, attractive to consumers/ end users