CF Compact Flash Card to PCMCIA PC Card Adapter

Economical choice to use CF as a super small and anti-shock, low power consumption, no acoustic noise, cost efficient and fast read access time hard disk for storage or data transferring between devices with PCMCIA slot and other devices, expand the storage capacity
With this adapter, allows you to use the compact flash memory in a PCMCIA slot commonly found on notebook or laptop
Simply slide a CF card into the adapter and plug into a device with a PCMCIA slot, and then feel free to transfer photos, data, etc
Bootable feature makes it more widely used
Ideal for embedded designs such as flight data recorders requiring shock, vibration and temperature resistant features
Compact design, ideal solution for digital camera users who want to transfer and view photos into notebook, make his mobile or traveling life much easier
Fully compatible with CF Type I
High capacity compact flash card available
68 pin PCMCIA slot, PCMCIA compliant
ATA and true IDE interface
Bootable feature, commercial, extended and industrial temperature support
3.3V or 5V operation
Rugged (up to 2000Gs)
Hot swappable, plug and play
No driver required
Operating System: Windows 98SE/ME/2000/ XP

Note: CF card is not included
From CF Compact Flash Card to PCMCIA PC Card Adapter, you can get :

1x CF compact flash card to PCMCIA PC card adapter