Brand New 4GB Micro SD High Capacity (microSDHC) Flash Memory Card Bulk Package

with MicroSD TF to OLYMPUS XD Picture Card Adapter And SD Slot Adapter


This item is 4GB Microsd +  MicroSD TF to OLYMPUS XD Picture Card Adapter is working same as a XD Picture Card for some compatible Olympus Cameras .(see compatible list below).

  • This microSD to xD adapter's form factor (shape) is different than standard xD card.
  • This microSD to xD adapter will NOT FIT into standard xD card reader or devices due to the design. After taking picture and video, the file can be download from the microSD card to PC with microSDHC card reader, or SDHC card reader (when use with SD adapter)
  • Forcing it into an incompatible camera or any other equipment, it may damage camera or card or cause malfunction with the equipment. The images on the memory card may be destroyed.
  • The Panorama feature does not function on the models with + when using a microSD/microSDHC card. To use the Panorama feature, use an OLYMPUS xD-Picture Card™.
  • The maximum movie length is limited to 29-minutes per movie. Using Type M, standard xD-Picture Card, micorSD/ microSDHC card, or the camera's internal memory, the maximum recording length per movie is limited to 10 seconds with VGA/ 30 fps movie mode. All other movie modes allow up to 29-minutes of recording time per movie.


Compatibility List:  (Not all compatible device models be listed) 2009 March Updated
Olympus :
  • Stylus 1030 SW *
  • Stylus 1020 *
  • Stylus 1010 *
  • Stylus 850 SW *
  • Stylus 840 *
  • SP-565 UZ
  • Stylus 1050 SW
  • Stylus 1040
  • FE-370
  • FE-360
  • FE-20
  • SP-590 UZ
  • STYLUS-9000
  • STYLUS-7000
  • STYLUS-550WP
  • FE-5010
  • FE-5000
  • FE-3010
  • FE-3000
  • FE-45
  • FE-25


Capacity Card Type Still Images Movies
2GB and under xD-Picture card Yes Yes
2GB and under micro SD Yes Yes
4GB and higher micro SD Yes Yes*

* For the following camera models, you must have firmware version 1.1 or later for movie photography using a 4GB or larger microSDHC card. If the camera firmware is version 1.0, the card may be damaged (Stylus 1030 SW, Stylus 1020, Stylus 1010, Stylus 850 SW, Stylus 840).